This is where I live in a leafy suburb of Cardiff. From this picture you would not realise that we were only two miles from the city center and the new millennium stadium. The garden is the pride and joy of my wife who spends most of her time tending it. I have just mentioned my wife's interest, hobby and main past time (gardening) and mine is trying to learn as much as possible about computing. I used to love gardening as well but due to ill health I cannot get about much any more, so more sedentary pastimes are required.

The house is built on the site of an old transport depot, a fact you soon appreciate when digging the garden and the artifacts you find. It is situated at the side of the old Glamorgan Canal now filled in, though a few hundred yards away there is one small section still with water in it.
The picture shows the old canal locks now in ruins.

All in all a pleasant place to live with the only problem being the squealing of bicycle brake blocks on the cycle track that runs alongside our house.

With all of this around me my main interest is still my computer and producing things like this with it. Recently with the purchase of a decent digital camera expiditions on my scooter have become almost a daily occurence. Main destination is the canal bank to observe and try and photograph some of the birds to be seen there. I would love to hear from people with similar interests and the wife always loves to talk about gardening. Also as I have limited mobility I would like to hear from similar people with problems caused by the planners of this country.

This is just the start of the site with more pages to come with images of Wales and comment and any suggestions would be appreciated.
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